Application/who can apply

Can I apply for more than one challenge?

Yes, you can apply for every challenge. Please note that you have to fill in a new application form for each new challenge.

What is the preferred language for the application and the presentation?

The application and presentation can be both in Dutch or English.


Who runs the Startup in Residence Noord-Holland program?

The Provincie Noord-Holland runs this program in partnership with Firmhouse. Kalle van Seeters and Ellen van der Heijden are the initiative leads on behalf of the province. Additionally, several other partners are involved to add value to the program by the knowledge and expertise. More info can be found here.

Do you charge any fees for the program?

We charge a nominal fee of 950 euro for your participation if we select you as one of the startups for the program which starts in the Fall of 2019. This covers some practical out-of-pocket costs during the program.  You’ll be receiving an agreement which includes all rights and obligations for both the startup as well as Provincie Noord-Holland. The program includes:

  • Committed sponsor with secured budget from Provincie Noord-Holland who will co-develop a partnership as funder, (launching) customer or other otherwise.
  • Training program including topics like business modeling, partnerships, lean startup, growth hacking and agile working methods. This will be split up in two full weeks of workshops and short peer to peer learning sessions each week.
  • Dedicated mentoring on growing your business and progressing the potential partnership with Provincie Noord-Holland
  • Participation in at least 3 community events with other government bodies in the Province as well as topic experts and other community partners.
  • Access to our office space at Houtplein 33 in Haarlem for up to 3 people. This includes some restricted access to the entire office of the Provincie itself.

Can we get paid for the development of the product?

This is not the intention of the programme. However, if it’s beneficial for the development of the solution the Province can decide to help te startup develop the product/solution.


How many days a week is the programme?

The programme is 1 – 1,5 days per week and this will take place on fixed days in the week, most likely Tuesday all day and Friday morning. The program will also contain certain weeks which will be more intense, for example a week with daily workshops.

Is Startup in Residence a subsidy program?

No, it is not.

Can you describe the process/structure of the programme?

The programme is built up in the following phases: 1) Matching the startups with the sponsors of Provincie Noord-Holland (PNH) who have challenges 2) Acceleration of 8 selected startups after they’ve been matched.

  • The first phase is an open call for innovation. It takes place in the spring of 2019. Startups can apply and will meet the sponsors of PNH to see if there’s a match between the sponsor’s challenge and the proposed solution of the startup.
  • The startups will be selected for further participation on June 11th. On this day we want to scope a potential deal or partnership which the startup and sponsor will execute on during the program. Please check out how to apply on the Apply section of this website. Your admission to the second part of the program will depend on both our selection criteria as well as the potential match with the challenge of the PNH sponsor.
  • The second phase of the programme is for acceleration, in which you will receive workshops, coaching and guidance on their own progress and growth as a company as well as the partnership with Provincie Noord-Holland. We’ll end the program with a Demo Day in which the participating startups present their results to a broad audience.