Deadlines will be announced soon!

How to write the proposal

The project concept can be presented to the jury by a written proposal. In order to facilitate a transparent and fair assessment the framework shall be as follows:

  • The written proposal may not consist of more than four A4s.
  • All written proposals must be submitted digitally in PDF format.
  • Any written proposals submitted after the final closing date for startups will not be considered in this competition.
  • The proposal can be either submitted in Dutch or English.
  • Important note: Information presented after the first four A4s will not be considered.
  • There may include an attachment of a rough prototype of the solution of max 3 A4s.
  • Two versions of the proposal are requested. One version with relevant Startup (names etc.) and business details. The other version should be completely anonymous. For instance the name of the startup is not allowed to appear in that version.

Elements on which the jury evaluates the project concept

The municipality of The Hague will look at the following evaluation aspects for rating the proposal (see par. 4.1 of the Tender Guidelines):

  • The extent to which the solution is an integrated part of the future business of the startup
  • The extent to which there is a healthy business case
  • The extent to which the startup understands the nature and scope of the challenge and the extent to which the planned concept adds great value to products, processes, technologies solving the urban problem
  • The extent to which this proposal is feasible for realization and implementation and has the potential to benefit other sectors and cities




What should the proposal contain?

You are requested to make a clear and comprehensive proposal. The advice is to include the following elements in your proposal that can be easily identified:

  1. Description of the idea within the context of the project to be implemented/What is the goal? Why is it going to have a great impact?
  2. Plans to work from the current situation to the desired situation. How are you going to address the government’s pain point?
  3. The amount of time and money to be invested by the startup.