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In order to apply for a challenge you must:

1. Click on your specific challenge below (this will direct you to

No lunch to waste
Upcycling electronic waste

Easy access

Smarter on the grid
The numbers tell the tale
Voting without borders
Go for social return
The hybrid worker
Easy pay for parking
Uber-fantastic transportation

2. Register/log in and upload the requested documents

Elements on which the jury evaluates the proposal

The municipality of The Hague will look at the following aspects when evaluating the proposal:

  • Vision, innovation and impact (quality of the problem description, extent to which the solution solves the problem, and innovativeness of the solution)
  • Realisation and implementation (how easily the solution can be implemented and whether the timeline is financially feasible)
  • Continuity (how far along the startup is and your experience in entrepreneurship)

Further information can be found in Chapter 4 of the Tender Guidelines



  • The SIR 2018 programme has recently ended. New challenges for 2019 will be launched in April.
  • For any questions please contact: [email protected]