The Swapshop

Challenge: Circular Textile

Our swapping adventure started in the beginning of 2018. We started organising small clothing swaps under the name Awearness Kollektif. The events started to be bigger with partners like BlueCity010 and Motel Mozaique.

But we wanted more… because we knew events are not gonna change the linear system of consumption in the fashion industry. So we took the next step! On the 31th of August 2019 we celebrated the opening of our first swapshop in the centre of Rotterdam: A 4 month pop-up swapshop.

Out of this inspiring adventure our current concept rose up. Together with an awesome community of conscious fashion lovers, we offer an alternative to find the coolest fashion items, to explore different styles and to keep your wardrobe updated. In this way, we extend the life cycle of clothes. We find circulair solutions for all the clothes brought to The Swapshop, through swap, donation, upcycling and recycling.