Our Startups


SwiftComply makes hospitality compliance easy.  Our online marketplace for food service businesses allows you to easily find, book and pay for compliance and kitchen maintenance services, keeping all paperwork online and in one place.  We also provide compliance software for municipal and public-sector regulators which allows food service businesses to easily share regulatory documents and paperwork.  Our software makes compliance easy and everyone’s operations more efficient



SportySpots is a social application that helps connect and activate people over sports by utilizing the open sports infrastructure provided by cities. It is the easiest way to join or organize a game of your favourite sport with friends or people in your neighbourhood.

Platform Eerlijk Wonen

In the Netherlands social housing comes with large waiting lists, with Amsterdam being right at the forefront: up to 20 years. At the same time up to 20% of those houses are subject to tenancy fraud. This specific kind of fraud impedes honest housing allocation, next to the associated financial damage, which is up to 11 million euros every year.


Platform Eerlijk Wonen strives to have 95% correct housing data for our clients, being both corporations and private owners. We work on this goal by optimizing the fraud detection process with the use of big data analytics and technology. All this with respect for the privacy of tenants.



LucemGo is a young startup that specializes in interactive LED technologies to motivate people to train and reach personal goals with running. It is our goal to create an innovative and interactive environment for the users of the public areas of the Zuidas. The system can be used by professional and also recreational users. If the system is not used by runners, it can be used as an art object that creates a safe and creative environment. LucemGo is created by five students with four different studies which help us create to a great product!


Landscape Data

Data is everywhere around us and the possibilities are truly endless. But how can you turn these great opportunities into concrete value? Landscape helps organisations getting the most out of their data. In an accessible manner with great attention to the underlying business case. Techniques we master include machine learning, neural networks, text mining, web scraping, and clustering.
Our approach has three steps: solution design, data analytics and integration into the organisation. Our clients include Artis Zoo, Rijkswaterstaat and Leiden University. We’ve got a great team of six persons and are located next to Leiden Central Station.

Creatives Across

Noise nuisance can be pretty annoying!
In a growing, crowded and thriving city like Amsterdam, we live and recreate right next to each other.
At times this can be challenging, we need to make sure we aren’t annoying each other while still being able to do the stuff we love.
Most of the times, research showed us, the different stakeholders involved aren’t aware of the noise they’re making. This, in turn, causes miscommunications and frustrations.
Very unnecessary, if you ask us.
Originated by design studio Creatives Across Network, in the situation of restaurant and cafe terraces, the SHHH (See How Households Hear) offers a solution, where noise-makers and noise-receivers are made aware of the potential nuisance and are influenced to change their behaviour.


WASTED is a locally-rooted initiative that breaks away from linearity and accelerates the transition to circular city making. The novelty of WASTED lies in its people-focused attitude, which is realized through the reward system and educational activities. The reward scheme revolves around the generation of currency valued on waste, where the act of waste separation is rewarded with digital coins that provide discounts & benefits at local stores & businesses. Since its launch, WASTED has proven itself as an important enterprise, not only accelerating environmentally conscious action and sustainable consumption but demonstrating itself as a scalable solution to increase household recycling rates.


i.a. Francesca Miazzo, Sietse Gronheid & Elisha Weeber


TransformCity is a highly integral online platform for collaborative urban development. It structurally brings together all local stakeholders and themes into one compact collaboration space. It is a digital swiss army knife that combines social networking, visual storytelling, interactive mapping, data sharing, co-creation and crowdfunding. Build coalitions with local property owners, businesses, citizens, organisations and the municipality and directly exchange information, plans, ideas and resources. Collaborate on issues like energy, waste, mobility, housing and placemaking. Engage future users at an early stage and grow a sustainable community of believers around the district. Stimulate self-organisation and secure long-term livability and value.


Saskia Beer

Thuiszorg Agenda

Thuiszorg Agenda is developing a new system for ‘home care’. To organize care in a jiffy, wherever you are or whatever is needed. Your care need is leading. Giving or receiving care has never been this easy.

Thuiszorg Agenda is building an innovative platform and organizes and connects homecare easy, accessible and efficient. You have the overview and are connected to anyone who is concerned with the care. Thuiszorg Agenda gives you the opportunity to manage your own care just the way you like it.


Marnix Kistemaker, Melle Meijer & Maarten van de Weijer 

The Great Bubble Barrier

The plastic soup in the oceans grows with 8 billion kilo’s every day, and the majority of this plastic comes from land. We want to stop the plastic in the Amsterdam canals from flowing into the North Sea. The Great Bubble Barrier blocks plastic in rivers and canals while allowing passage for ships and fish.

The Great Bubble Barrier is a bubble curtain that is diagonally placed in the canal and guides plastic to the side using the existing current, where we remove it. This year we successfully piloted a Bubble Barrier in the lab and river IJssel with Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares and BAM/vdHerik.



Atrial Fibrillation is the most common Arrhythmia and a prevalent cause of stroke in the world, leading to annual totals of 750,000 hospitalizations and 130,000 deaths in the US, with those numbers rising for the past two decades. Happitech allows you to detect heart rate and heart rhythm disorders simply by using your smartphone camera. By placing your finger on the camera, the Happitech algorithms can detect even the smallest variations in your heartbeat.



FutureCV empowers people to develop themselves on digital competences. To individuals, it gives learning & development suggestions to come to a desired state. To organizations it provides real-time monitoring of digital maturity and the gap to bridge. Using data science technology, we can reach a diverse target group, provide accurate predictions, and create personalized pat


GameBus is a gamification platform that lets people perform healthy activities that benefit them personally while having fun with whom they care about. The software combines built-in tracking and user input with that of third-party apps to track scores for teams and individuals in fun, organized challenges. Additionally, the software is offered in combination with full campaign services to help municipalities and businesses improve health, wellbeing and happiness of their people in a measurable and fun way. Scientifically underpinned and with a proven, measured track record, GameBus is the next-generation health gamification solution for individuals, government and business.


Global Guide Systems

We quickly move towards a connected society, where almost everything is connected to the internet. This creates exciting new opportunities that will change and improve our way of living.

Global Guide Systems wants to be part of that and creates smart solutions with data that is most of the time already there, just waiting to be used in a smart way.

Our idea is that we can use this technology to deal with the vastly growing traffic on the Amsterdam canals. By using signals that are transmitted by all commercial boats, in combination with the already existing sensor infrasturcture of Waternet, we believe that we can contribute to the improvement of the traffic flows and safety on the canals. Boat users can see where the commercial boats are in real-time and Waternet has a better overview of the current situation on the canals, focussed on the few difficult areas in the city. This possibility becomes even more powerful when Waternet is also able to influence the behaviour of canal users, by using dynamic signs to control the traffic flows, in the same way as we are used to on the road.


Van Plestik

Plastic waste generates huge problems around the world, for both men and nature. By using waste plastic as building material for our 3D printers we are enabling the local reuse of plastic waste.

In the Netherlands we can transform waste into unique, high-grade and affordable plastic objects like furniture and parts for the local industry.

Worldwide we want to reduce the global plastic problem by enabling and creating local industries, far from conventional recycling facilities, to collect and transform the plastic waste into new objects.


We believe that it’s much more effective to influence the behaviour of a residents by doing this in a playful way, instead of doing this by fines or with imposing restrictions. Live & Fun aims to stimulate desired behaviour with an app with gamification elements and rewards. Our solution is an augmented reality process, like Pokemon Go, where users can earn points for showing desired behaviour.

Our solution provides a lot of fun for users, a way for municipalities to stimulate desired behaviour and a novel and unique advertising platform for local businesses based on augmented reality.

We provides an advertising platform for local businesses, a lot of fun for users and benefits for municipalities.



The Internet of Things is real. Hundreds of thousands of smart devices, services and apps are being connected every day. But not only at home. From our cars to buildings and complete cities: more and more things are getting linked. Increasing the usability of everything.

Olisto makes smart devices smarter by connecting them to other devices, apps and services. We want to contribute to this future of connectedness. Because we believe it will make our lives easier. Smarter. More exciting and more fun.

Connect your devices, apps and services to Olisto and make them all work together. How? By creating your own rules. Build real time connections between multiple devices, apps and services.



What if? You could give somebody the possibility to experience and fall in love with Amsterdam in the way you do?

We believe that the magic of this city lies in the eyes of its residents. By connecting tourists with local residents through a digital platform. We can create a magical city experience.

As a resident of Amsterdam you can help tourists to explore and enjoy Amsterdam in the way you know best! Urbanguide helps you to create beautiful city guides which you can share with family and friends but also sell to tourists. Next to the digital guides it is also possible to offer other services such as offline tour guides, couch surfing and your Airbnb listings.


There are over 881.000 bicycles in Amsterdam and over 40% of all trips take place on a bike. The result is that Amsterdam has a bike parking problem. Add to this problem the infamous bicycle crate, and the problem only gets worse. These issues got me thinking that about a flexible bike crate. Could I help diminish this parking problem and, in turn, use recycled and localised materials sourced within Amsterdam. This is where the idea of ReCycle was born.

The city has over 400 shops where daily, dozens of inner tubes are being replaced. What ReCycle does is reuse these inner tubes by braiding them into a flexible crate or pannier. The inner tube goes from a waist product to a fancy outer bike bag.

Solving Amsterdam’s parking problem is just the beginning. We had the idea to also work with people with some degree of disability to help make our product. This way ReCycle can also strengthen waste objectives and benefit the social domain by providing meaningful work for vulnerable groups.

Lastly, a ReCycle product can be sold in the bike shops of Amsterdam where the recycled product was originally sourced showing a true example of the circular economy that benefits both the environment, the social domain and reduces the original parking issue.

It is a simple concept but the possibilities are limitless and are guaranteed to positively impact the bicycle environment of Amsterdam forever.


Everybody likes a good story. But where to find one? Evolving from following the stars into the apps on your phone today, navigation is of all ages. And be honest, how often do you catch yourself looking down at your screen instead of experiencing what’s around you? Wander Technologies builds devices that bring the wonder back to wandering. Their technology frees you from digital distractions, making the journey your destination.

Our first product is a smart connected compass that points to your next destination and shows the remaining distance. Combined with an easy-to-use platform and app for adding waypoints, users can wander the city more freely. This ‘fuzzy navigation’ will challenge city dwellers to leave the beaten track and discover new routes and places. Our devices will directly lead to a wider action radius for the visitors of Amsterdam and a more valuable experience of the city.



Gamatec develops pyrolysis technologies that convert organic waste into energy and the CO2 trapping material Biochar. We want to use our carbon negative waste-to-energy and waste-to-biochar solution to reduce the carbon footprint of organic waste management, energy production, and the many sectors that can make use of Biochar.

Gamatec is also involved in the development of applications for Biochar starting with a proprietary formula for pollution reducing Biochar cement – that traps CO2, regulates moisture, is flame resistant without toxic chemicals and polymers, and radically absorbs and filters pollutants like NO2 and NOx from the air surrounding structures made of Biochar cement.


City Makers

With a smart bike called ‘Smart Fiets’ City Makers proposes to end the problem of abandoned bicycles in Amsterdam and enhance the efficiency of the city’s bicycle collection system.

The bicycle collection system will be enhanced by separating between soft bikes (abandoned and neglected bikes with almost or no value) and hard bikes (long-term parked or wrongly parked bikes). Additionally, citizen’s engagement will be improved by providing a mechanism for citizens to report abandoned bikes with the Smart Fiets App in three small steps. The Smart Fiets App improves the transparency of the bicycle collection system to citizens by providing a way to register their bicycles and a service that allows users to check whether their bicycle has been transferred to the bicycle depot in case of loss. Lastly, City Makers aims to build a central bicycle collection management system: Smart Fiets Manager is a centralized IT solution for all stakeholders involved in the abandoned bicycle system. All bicycles introduced in the system by citizens, Handhaving or Smart Fiets collectors will go to the Smart Fiets Manager back-end system, a database shared by all actors.



Our mission is to radically change the way people have access to care. We have built the first online platform in the Netherlands, that makes access to care transparent. Puts parents in control of choosing a suitable caregiver for their child. And offers an optimal match between families and caregivers. We call ourselves &thijs. Amsterdam &thijs, Minouche &thijs, Ted &thijs. A child with special need needs a caregiver with special talents. They need Thijs. Wij zijn thuis in jouw situatie. From a homework buddy for your child with ADHD all the way to a specialist for your child with anorexia. &thijs offers an optimal match between families and caregivers.



MijnBuur – which means ‘my neighbor’ in Dutch – is a mobile application with basic functions such as ‘buur-alarm’, ‘help and care’ and ‘reporting and solving inconveniences’ within a shared environment. With the function ‘reporting and solving inconveniences’ residents can nudge each other to solve an inconvenience themselves or refer directly to the appropriate authorities. Residents may even give advice on how they think it should be resolved. Once the mobile application is implemented, extra modules can be added to MijnBuur such as a module to facilitate residential/community initiatives.



RecyQ aims to conserve nature by encouraging recycling and putting people back in jobs. They want to make people aware that waste is not worthless, but that it is in fact valuable. RecyQ wants to tackle the problem of waste through setting up recycling banks in Amsterdam enabling people to save money by bringing in textile, plastic, paper, metals and small electrics for recycling, receiving a monetary reward by the kilo.


Crowd Effect

Crowd Effect provides impact-driven entrepreneurs with a unique sales channel by connecting them at city level with residents (consumers and companies with a CSR ambition). They do this with online challenges and locally organized tours. With the purchase of sustainable and local goods and services through Crowd Effect , residents realize attractive (financial) benefits and have a positive impact on their own environment. Cities will reach their sustainability goals faster and residents are actively involved in improving their environment regarding five themes: mobility, shared economy, waste, energy and food.