Challenge: Circular Construction

Currently, information flows within value chains are limited. This means that relevant information is not always available when choices are made to repair or refurbish products / objects or when they are recovered as raw materials at end of life.

Without the correct information provision at these critical moments, achieving a circular economy is virtually impossible and raw materials are still lost.

To make the transition toward circular systems, the underlying information provision must be optimized. Relevant data is nowadays not always shared because it can contain sensitive information. Moreover, the transfer of that information to a central party requires an extraordinary amount of trust.

Circularise removes mistrust by offering software that uses a decentralized open-source protocol combined with the patent pending Smart Questioning technology. In this case, governments and companies manage their own data and can share insights resulting from this data with each other.

Circularise had several successful pilots in the plastics industry. In collaboration with the province of South Holland Circularise did a pilot regarding the tracing of raw materials and the exploration of the civil engineering sector. The company wants to demonstrate within the Startup in Residence program that its vision can be used to make circular construction possible.