City Makers

With a smart bike called ‘Smart Fiets’ City Makers proposes to end the problem of abandoned bicycles in Amsterdam and enhance the efficiency of the city’s bicycle collection system.

The bicycle collection system will be enhanced by separating between soft bikes (abandoned and neglected bikes with almost or no value) and hard bikes (long-term parked or wrongly parked bikes). Additionally, citizen’s engagement will be improved by providing a mechanism for citizens to report abandoned bikes with the Smart Fiets App in three small steps. The Smart Fiets App improves the transparency of the bicycle collection system to citizens by providing a way to register their bicycles and a service that allows users to check whether their bicycle has been transferred to the bicycle depot in case of loss. Lastly, City Makers aims to build a central bicycle collection management system: Smart Fiets Manager is a centralized IT solution for all stakeholders involved in the abandoned bicycle system. All bicycles introduced in the system by citizens, Handhaving or Smart Fiets collectors will go to the Smart Fiets Manager back-end system, a database shared by all actors.

Guillermo Mas Martinez