FYNCH Mobility

Challenge: Alternative Insights for Car Owners

Fynch stands for going where you want, when you want and how you want. As free as a bird. A finch moves through the air without restrictions. A cheerful and smart little bird with a strong will of its own. We turned it into Fynch, our own twist: Fynch Smart Mobility.

Our vision is carefree and clean mobility for everyone. With the Fynch smart mobility app we motivate people to make different choices in their travel behavior. For example, we strive for zero emissions, excellent accessibility and accessibility for everyone. We envision a world consisting of sustainable and smart cities with an optimal flow of people and goods. We strive for beautiful, livable and easily accessible areas and villages. We aim for a world in which sustainable mobility is the link between living, working and leisure.

Our mission is to encourage travelers to travel more sustainably and smartly. We do this by offering tools that facilitate, provide insight, challenge and reward.

Mobility causes more than a quarter of all CO2 emissions. With small adjustments in our behavior we can generate a huge impact now! In 2025 we want to reduce 500,000 tons of CO2 annually.