Global Guide Systems

We quickly move towards a connected society, where almost everything is connected to the internet. This creates exciting new opportunities that will change and improve our way of living.

Global Guide Systems wants to be part of that and creates smart solutions with data that is most of the time already there, just waiting to be used in a smart way.

Our idea is that we can use this technology to deal with the vastly growing traffic on the Amsterdam canals. By using signals that are transmitted by all commercial boats, in combination with the already existing sensor infrasturcture of Waternet, we believe that we can contribute to the improvement of the traffic flows and safety on the canals. Boat users can see where the commercial boats are in real-time and Waternet has a better overview of the current situation on the canals, focussed on the few difficult areas in the city. This possibility becomes even more powerful when Waternet is also able to influence the behaviour of canal users, by using dynamic signs to control the traffic flows, in the same way as we are used to on the road.

Geert Kroon
Joris Kroon