Challenge: Park that bike right

From providing the first bicycle route information system in the world to becoming a trusted partner for smart mobility solutions: at LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions we have had quite a journey since 2015…

So, what do we do? LUMIGUIDE provides tech-based solutions in the areas of smart parking management (e.g. bicycle detection and car detection), urban mobility management (e.g. route information systems, people counters) and smart data management (e.g. APIs, data reports). We offer a combination of hardware (sensors, digital signs etc.) and software (Artificial Intelligence etc.) solutions. Our main clients are municipalities, train operating companies and large corporations.

LUMIGUIDE’s adventure started in the Dutch City of Nijmegen. We now have projects in 4 other European countries, with a few others lined up for the coming years.

With our team of dedicated software specialists and other geniuses, LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions is ready for (y)our future!