We make bicycle crates out of used bicycle inner tubes. The result is a “cradle to cradle” bicycle crate that is both unique and practical as it makes it much easier to park your bike.

Since the turn of the century, the bike crate has been a colourful part of our street scene. You see converted beer crates, wooden crates or ‘borrowed’ shopping baskets on bikes at every turn. Bicycle crates are the welcome successors of the old fashioned “granny-image” pannier.
The problem comes when a cyclist needs to find a place to park a bike as these crates are a big parking hindrance, especially for fellow cyclists. The design of bike racks typically does not account for bicycle crates. Other parked bikes need to be pushed away before a bike with static crate can be parked.

At DISRUBT, we develop a flexible bicycle crate. One that not only secures your stuff for easy transport but also moulds itself within the limited space of available parking spot. The flexible crate is handmade from recycled inner tubes which gives the crate its unique look and feel.


Tom Hallowes
Marga van Beek