SEMiLLA Sanitation


Decentralised sanitation & waste water treatment concepts.

Worldwide, access to clean drinking water and hygienic sanitary facilities is a big problem. SEMiLLA Sanitation developed a concept based on ESA Space technology, where a circular solution is provided. Toilets, infrastructure (fixed and mobile), drinking water units, waste water units and growing systems. Building blocks to provide a closes loop system. A drinking water unit converts surface water to drink water, shower water and rinse water. Sanitation units for good sanitation.  Blackwater and yellow water units convert shower water, urine and toilet water to compost, (irrigation)water and fertilisers. A solution for humanitarian aid, disaster relief, temporary, semi-permanent, permanent but also a solution for Smart Cities .

The concept can help NGO,s, governments and the United Nations with her work to provide people (in need) with drinking water, hygiene and food.

Peter Scheer