Everybody likes a good story. But where to find one? Evolving from following the stars into the apps on your phone today, navigation is of all ages. And be honest, how often do you catch yourself looking down at your screen instead of experiencing what’s around you? Wander Technologies builds devices that bring the wonder back to wandering. Their technology frees you from digital distractions, making the journey your destination.

Our first product is a smart connected compass that points to your next destination and shows the remaining distance. Combined with an easy-to-use platform and app for adding waypoints, users can wander the city more freely. This ‘fuzzy navigation’ will challenge city dwellers to leave the beaten track and discover new routes and places. Our devices will directly lead to a wider action radius for the visitors of Amsterdam and a more valuable experience of the city.


Peter van Meir
Joris de Leeuw
Kim van der Leeuw