Digital sandbox

Create a digital sandbox for innovation and co-creation.



Together with the municipality of The Hague and Logius (digital government services, among others responsible for DigID and MijnOverheid) we see fragmented innovation in the field of digital services. Markets and governments need to start collaborating in a digital ‘sandbox’, focusing on digital innovations. Therefore there is need for a safe digital environment (sandbox) or a connected digital platform. This ‘sandbox’/connected digital platform serves as an experimental environment for innovating with the building blocks of the digital government (i.e. DigID, MijnOverheid, Basic registrations etc.) This challenge asks for a technical prototype or an MVP to show what that sandbox could look like.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a testing ground or laboratory for co-creation and innovation, in which market groups and governments test innovative ideas and experiment with digital building blocks, such as apps, data sources and data standards (i.e. the Berichtenbox, Mijn Overheid and DigID). In this so-called sandbox, a developer will be able to unlock (government’s) applications and services and apply the data model. This requires monitored access.

A few examples that come to mind: experiments around training algorithms, deploying your digital identity, or data management. A good solution is all about connection, innovation and transparency. The main issue: what does this sandbox look like and how is it built?

What are we not looking for?

We are not looking for a single application, organization or temporary solution. Experiments should also not be hindered by an abundance of rules (not including company’s existing house regulations). The product cannot be for single use and afterwards a ‘closed source’.


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