Digital inclusion: Help the helper

Support volunteers who contribute to digital inclusion.



Due to the government and private sector not being able to offer tailored support, it’s currently mostly volunteers who help the digitally challenged. But are we realizing the full potential of these people who help on a volutarily basis? When working for a foundation or institution, volunteers have access to workshops or classes. Independent volunteers don’t have access to this. In general terms, volunteers don’t get trained for dealing with different people that need their help (an elderly person may need more time, patience and a refresher course, while an entrepreneur may prefer a faster, more efficient learning style).

We’d like a solution for all volunteers that help our aim to support digital inclusion. How can we offer each volunteer easy access to courses or support to reach their full potential?


What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a solution to aid volunteers in helping others find their way in the digital world.

Most importantly:

  • The solution is easily accessible for a wide audience;
  • The solution is free for any volunteer;
  • A volunteer demonstrates progress (in coaching/teaching); implementing teaching methods they’ve learned through the solution of this challenge;
  • The solution acknowledges the different learning styles of the volunteer’s coachees (see example of the elderly versus the entrepreneur).


What are we not looking for?

The solution should not be:

  • Intensive group workshop(s) on location;
  • A product that is mostly offer-driven; no marketing tools;
  • Given it is save to assume sufficient digital skills, there is no need for offers to improve (just) those skills.


More information

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