Efficient use of buildings

More efficient use of buildings by property sharing and nudging behaviour.



The government has the largest property portfolio within the Netherlands, but not all of them are used efficiently. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually peak days at the offices, while there is a low occupancy on Wednesdays and Fridays and during vacations. Our challenge is to have a better distribution between office buildings and, in time, to prevent having to build new office buildings just for peak hours (not sustainable because extra material and energy is being used).

At the core of this issue is a set of diversified rules (each building/organization has its own security, IT and other polities) combined with the behavior of employees. How do you nudge them towards flexibility – so much so that they’re motivated to put it to optimal use, choosing their work environment on a day-to-day basis, tailored to their work, resulting  in a win-win for sustainability and happier employees?


What are we looking for?

A (new) startup for a solution to:

  • be able to share office buildings/working spaces
  • curve employees’ mindset/motivate and inspire them to work more efficiently/flexible (i.e. have them make a conscious choice each day when it comes to their workplace).
  • provides insights in influencing behavior (what (doesn’t) work)?


The solution has to:

  • deliver measurable results
  • not negatively influence employees or productivity
  • comply with the policies for security of government buildings (link further down)

If the solution is successful at a small scale (small group of employees), it could be upscaled afterwards.


What are we not looking for?

  • No (technical) solutions focussed solely on the building itself (we’ve already covered the sustainability of the buildings)  – the focus should be on the employees’ behavior and company culture.
  • No technical solution to simply check available working spaces, such as sensors, data, software – we’ve tested those, but due to the technical complexity/non-user-friendliness, they were not being used.


What is there to win?

Taking up this challenge, you have the freedom to explore this issue from different angles to be able to solve (part of) the problem. We’re also offering you a unique behind-the-scenes perspective at Het Rijk, the Dutch government’s work environment, where you’ll find many experts to help you along your journey. If you manage to build a product or come up with a solution, we offer you a testing ground as well as the possibility of an extended project request, where your substantial market exists of both Het Rijk and many other (societal) property owners facing the same issue you just helped solve.


More information

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