Entrepreneurs in charge of data

Entrepreneus in charge of data: have business owners be in control of their business data and provide insights into new possibilities.


Entrepreneurs (including (small) business owners) regularly share their business data with the Dutch government (KvK, CBS), but have no easy way of drafting reports. Added to that, small and medium sized businesses often don’t have a structured data exchange policy, focusing instead on sharing data through email, with more operational costs and less possibilities.

Currently, we have several standards and partial solutions. Some results have been seen using the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) for structured data exchange, including a data dictionary/taxonomy for the definition and structuring of data and interface standards.

The current challenges:
1. Time-consuming (and therefore expensive) accountability issues that periodically take place towards government bodies and financial stakeholders, which entrepreneurs feel is not one of the core tasks;
2. Both the government bodies and business owners/entrepreneurs need the accountability and would therefore benefit from good quality data as a foundation for business decisions and developing strategies.
3. Entrepreneurs and business owners not being able to easily access business data overviews/insights.

Our challenge is to find an innovative solution to provide (more) insight in/control over data, varying from annual accounts, valuation reports and lease information to credit applications. The company reports then need to be easily and safely accessible by entrepreneurs and government bodies, giving them access to public data from other companies as well.


What are we looking for?

With our government digitizing, how do we have business owners and entrepreneurs take the wheel when it comes to sharing their data and using business data for their own benefit?

By opening this challenge, we’re hoping for a solution that helps entrepreneurs have convenient access to and control over their data exchange with the government. They also need to be able to access up to date standardized/public (financial) business data. A good solution enhances the up-to-dateness of exchanged data, which benefits the entrepreneur as much as it does the government bodies.

The best solution includes:
● Entrepreneurs in charge of their own data;
● Entrepreneurs being able to evaluate data to improve their economic competitiveness;
● Teaching entrepreneurs to make smarter use of data;
● Unburden entrepreneurs by making it easier to access data and to combine certain data to send in.

We’re looking for a solution or prototype to deploy.

What are we not looking for?

Consultancy, because in the challenge we are looking for an applicable solution.

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