The future of training & development for public servants

Just two years ago we were using formal methods for professional training and development within the Province. We want to grow with the times and use digital instruments to support us in our work and learning processes with the help of technology.

We want to determine what kind of continuous processes we can put in place so that any relevant information is available exactly when an employee needs it. This is especially important for learning and development tools. We want a better and easier way of knowing when a training is mandatory versus optional and how we can track attendance. We are also looking for solutions to advertise how employees can access the learning tools available to them within the Province.

We don’t have the right resources (time or expertise) internally to find a solution to this problem, but we believe a new system will lead to higher satisfaction amongst our employees and so would like to invest in a solution.

We want to know is there an alternative, digital solution, more effective than our current intranet, that is right for our organization?!

We’re looking for startups with digital expertise that can either help us utilize our current intranet better or introduce us to a new tool; surprise us!!