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Provincie Noord-Holland is aiming for a fully renewable energy supply in 2050. In addition to energy-saving measures such as (residual) heat, large quantities of sustainable energy will have to be won.

At least via solar energy on roofs, because that is a proven, cost-effective solution in terms of society. However, in practice it doesn’t look that easy to get all the roofs full of solar panels. There are technical barriers (think: roof construction not suitable, network capacity insufficient), financial barriers , institutional barriers (think: the owner of the property is remote and difficult reachable, slow decision-making by management) and communication barriers (think: no awareness, is considered too complicated, installation of solar panels does not fall in, so it does not happen).

Challenge: how do we accelerate the rollout of solar energy on large-scale roofs?

We can be a important launching customer in any case. Within the energy transition policy there is a clear need for an effective approach to the acceleration of solar energy on roofs. But PNH may have more to offer the startup, such as data (property types, suitability maps, utilization rates), financial expertise and of course a network with various municipalities, developers and other stakeholders.

If you think your startup has solutions to accelerate the energy transition in Provincie Noord-Holland, please contact us.

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