Accelerating the transition to solar energy Energy

How do we accelerate the rollout of solar energy for large scale rooftops?

The Province of North Holland is striving for a fully renewable energy supply by the year 2050. This is a huge task! In addition to saving and using (residual) heat, large amounts of sustainable energy must be reprocessed.

Generating sustainable energy can take various forms. Wind turbines to osmosis energy help to create this energy, but many of the current solutions are either too expensive or have a negative impact on our landscape.

The Province, therefore, is a huge advocate for solar panels. We believe the solution for renewable energy isn’t only about solar panels, but about the rooftops needed to house the panels. We want to maximize the use of rooftops because we believe we simply cannot reach our goals otherwise.

You might think this sounds easy, but in effect it’s harder than you think. There are technical, financial, institutional, and communication barriers.

We are looking for a startup to help us in jumping over some of these obstacles. Can you help us gain access to rooftops by taking an active role in growing the network of rooftop owners? Can you help us realize our goal in the time necessary? If you are looking for insight into North Holland real estate, solar energy, and looking for a launching customer, let’s be partners!