Pitch Day 2018

On September 4th, 12 startups pitched their ideas to a jury at The Hague Humanity Hub. The jury consisted of civil servants and experts in the field:

  • Marijn Fraanje – Chief Information Officer at Gemeente Den Haag
  • Erwin Koenraads – Get in the Ring
  • Anita Lieverdink – TNO, Tekdelta

The quality of the startups was high so it was a difficult job for the jury to make a decision. 5 winners were selected who will participate in the next phase of the Startup in Residence Programme of 2018. Each winner received € 7.000, a work space at Apollo 14, and will participate in other trainings to further develop their prototype during the coming months.

Meet the Winners

Winner: Get Chef’s
Challenge: No Lunch to Waste

Get Chef’s is a social enterprise which aims to prevent food waste in retail and hospitality industries and envisions reductions in external costs of the food industry throughout the value chain by analyzing the true cost of food; thereby putting a price on incurred environment and social costs.

Winner: Sustainable Buildings
Challenge: Smarter on the Grid

Sustainable Buildings develops an innovative and user-friendly software application that gives additional insight and control into heat pumps, and that way making heat pumps more attractive for home owners and office building managers (in other words, it can be compared to “Toon for heat pumps”).

Winner: Envision Technologies
Challenge: The Hybrid Worker

Envision is a tool that empowers people with visual impairment to be independent by speaking out the visual information in front of them.

Winner: Urban Mining
Challenge: Upcycling Electronic Waste

Urban Mining is starting a new type of crowdfunding. They do not ask for money but for your waste. They make new products from the raw materials and invite all residents of The Hague to participate. Urban Mining shares the revenues with the participants, creates social jobs and gives a boost to the circular economy.

Winner: TrustTester Solutions
Challenge: Voting Without Borders

StemVeilig is a fast, secure and easy voting solution for Dutch citizens living abroad.


What’s next: Demo Day

Now that the winners have been selected, we are ready for the next phase! There is no time to rest because the real work begins now: the 5 startup plans must be made tangible. By continuing to cooperate with the municipality, a prototype will be built or further improved for a pilot in the city. Startups will present their developments and prototypes on Demo Day on December 4th after which they can receive a follow-up assignment.