Discussion Tool 2.0

Develop a discussion tool with which managers can start a discussion about diversity and inclusion within their team in an easily accessible way, and can delve deeply into the matter.


Description of challenge
In 2017, as part of the “Look Open Minded” awareness campaign, a tool was developed with which managers could start the discussion about diversity and inclusion within their team in an easily accessible manner. This tool was in the form of a suitcase with conversation cards and gimmicks (the “conversation suitcase”). The forms of conversation had a low threshold character, in order to avoid undesirable situations for managers.

Given the complexity of the issue of diversity and inclusion, and specific support for the discussion on this topic within teams, we would like to have a tool that goes deeper into the issues of diversity and inclusion than the existing conversation suitcase, without increasing the threshold/accessibility.


What are we looking for?
A discussion tool that supports managers in conducting discussions about diversity and inclusion within his or her team. It is important that the manager is able to use the tool to create a safe environment in which he or she can discuss diversity and inclusion-related issues. What form this tool should take is completely open.


The tool may be supplementary to and may replace the conversation suitcase. Teams should be able to use the new tool to conduct the entire “first phase” of the discussion about team diversity. It may be a digital and non-digital solution, but ease of use must be central. The tool can be used in teams, but if it can also be used for 1 to 1 conversations, that would be nice.


What are we not looking for? 

A fixed discussion guide.



The content of the tool overlaps with the themes of leadership and integrity.


What can you win
The topic of diversity and inclusion is a dynamic issue that is receiving increasing attention. At the same time, it is difficult to find a good tool with which we can take steps in the field of inclusive leadership. If a good tool can be developed, it will be of interest to every professional working in this subject.


Background information

Municipal approach to diversity: RIS 292385, specifically page 4.