Reduce noise pollution

Use smart innovations to reduce noise pollution

Description of challenge

Residents in Scheveningen suffer under noise pollution. Noise pollution also hits hard in nature areas where (breeding) birds and bats reside. The causes are varied: beach stands, restaurants, events and beach visitors. During the summer time, tourists and visitors play music, cars with idling engines stand in line for a parking spot and motorcycles noisily pull up.


Using Living Lab Scheveningen, our aim is to find a solution to reduce or eliminate noise pollution. We are also looking for innovative technologies and technologies to help test existing solutions on a larger scale.


What are we looking for?

We’re looking for innovative technologies to reduce noise pollution around Noordboulevard and Zwartepad. This refers to new innovations; technology that has yet to prove its worth. Piecemeal solutions are welcome as well. 


We’re looking for creators excited at the prospect of working at sea, near a lively boulevard and a parking lot that has its challenges. We’re looking to work with people who are willing to fail. We’re looking for innovators we can support in their aim to show the value of tomorrow’s technology.


Our main goal is a proven concept of a product that will find its way around the city and province.


What are we not looking for?

We are not looking for consultants to optimize the current process, nor do we look for students to simply fulfill a school assignment. 




  • Smart City Municipality The Hague – project team Living Lab Scheveningen
  • City management dept. municipality The Hague
  • Province of South Holland
  • T-Mobile
  • TU-Delft 
  • Locals and local business owners


An initiative of the municipality The Hague, Living Lab Scheveningen is located within the Noordboulevard and Zwartepad area in Scheveningen. It is a unique testing ground in public space with lots of grandeur and nature. Within its boundaries, you’ll find several Smart City Hubs* with fiberglass connectivity (compliments of T-Mobile) and power. We also collaborate with the province of South-Holland who represents 55 other municipalities. 


What can you win

In it for you: guidance, expose and financial aid. Apart from that, you may use the Smart City Hubs and the 5G network of T-Mobile. When proven successful, your product or technology will be a showcase for the municipality of The Hague, who wants to venture out into the rest of the city and the 55 other cities within the Province of South Holland.

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