Avenieuw’s goal is to improve traffic management, as such the startup will offer the municipality of The Hague a data driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) all-in-one platform. The platform will consume large amounts of data sources, to analyze, predict, recommend and continuously learn through analyzing multiple data sources related to traffic information. In particular that startup will be looking at the parking capacity in the city during events. Avenieuw will initially focus on the popular seaside area Scheveningen. This area hosts lots of events and could benefit a lot from the solutions the startup has to offer. Avenieuw aims to recommend certain mitigation measures to minimize the traffic impact. To make the information accessible to both citizens and stakeholders the start-up will connect the platform to existing apps and websites, such as social media. In addition, traffic related apps will be able to integrate with our platform.

John Bilay & Roberto Viana