Startup Eventpeak is an application that will help the financial district of The Hague, The Beatrixkwartier, thrive. The Beatrixkwartier is an area where lots of events and activities take place, however information on where they take place is scattered across various sources. As such, Anke feels there are lots of missed-opportunities to connect, network and share knowledge with one another within this area. Anke’s goal is to make the Beatrixkwartier a happier and more interesting place to work and do business. The application will connect the existing hubs and increase visibility of events and activities that take place in the area. The startup aims to change the Beatrixkwartier into a vibrant place, so that people that work there will have more opportunities to engage, learn, and connect. The Beatrixkwartier will be buzzing soon, as it will be the place to be for meeting up and doing business!

Anke Kuipers & Vadim Lazuko