One Day The Hague

The startup One Day The Hague will be developing a service for tourists that wish to visit The Hague. The start-up’s services will make it easy to plan a visit to the City of The Hague, as it offers complete packages which include tickets, bookings and tourist information. These packages are tailored to their preferences and interests based on data collected via the website. By offering a complete package based on a certain theme, a complete experience can be offered, which will leave visitors with an amazing impression of the city. One Day The Hague eliminates the hassle in selecting the best activities and provides people with a tour with carefully selected local hotspots while including a variety of local businesses. Tourists will experience the best that The Hague has to offer while local businesses benefit from the increase of customers that are directed their way. Daan states, ​“Our service should make it far easier for international visitors to have a truly local experience in our beautiful city”.

Daan Meily