One Stop Shop Tool

Startup One Stop Shop will design an application that helps house owners to assess the need for energy efficiency measures in their homes. In addition, it will motivate house owners to reduce their CO2 footprint by illustrating the economic value of the home improvements. The app will also show the different subsidy options offered by various organizations. This is useful as this information is often scattered across different sources. Ultimately, the application will offer a full-package service for the specific measures so that the barriers of making a house energy efficient will be reduced. Hala feels that “homes have great meaning for us, home is where we belong”. Hala lost her home due to the war in Syria. She states “Losing my home in Damascus has made me realize that ‘home’ has such great meaning. I had no home to go to until I arrived in The Hague. I arrived uprooted and tired from the losses of war. Looking after our homes gives meaning to our lives. It is not a business, but my passion.”

Hala Alhamed