The Next Green Thing

‘The Next Green Thing’ is an app that empowers people to design their own solar-green roof in a few clicks. Solar panel and green roof designs are often dictated by suppliers. Sharat plans to provide green and solar roof designs that bypass current issues of costliness, involvement of middlemen, lack of scientific knowledge, and esthetics. Imagine being able to design your solar/green roof just like you would do with your living room? The Next Green Thing allows users to create their own solar, green or combination rooftop designs. “Green and solar roofing is one of the major untapped environmental sustainability solutions today” according to Sharat. “We aim to empower the customers to design their own roofs, not only maximizing utility, but  also matching their esthetics and taste. In this way, we envision our innovative roofing solution to enable green technology to become accessible to the public in a big way. So if you start seeing trendy looking solar-green roofs in the near future you are looking at The Next Green Thing!”

Sharat Sreekantan