TrustTester Solutions

It is TrustTester Solutions’ ambition to help organisations become a more trustworthy, sustainable business, utilizing all technological opportunities but with respect for the individual by protecting personal data. TrustTester Solutions has developed innovative, widely applicable, easy to use software that enables one to validate information in a quick, efficient and secure way instead of data being shared. Organisations are GDPR compliant when using our solution. For the SIR The Hague challenge ‘Voting without borders’ we used our underlying patented technology to build the StemVeilig software solution. With StemVeilig, TrustTester guarantees quick, secure, and easy accessible digital elections. Arjan van Diemen states, “Our solution reduces the costs of the election process and makes digital voting possible while we ensure that the election process is safe and user-friendly. We foresee that we can also activate more Dutch citizens who live abroad to vote because we make participation in the election process easily accessible.”

Arjan van Diemen