Air quality – Closed


The province of Zuid-Holland needs reliable data about the air quality in the region. Air quality is monitored by measuring equipment at fixed stations. The initial investment of these devices is very costly and using them can be quite complex. In recent years, technological developments have enabled citizens to get involved in measuring air quality, mostly through small sensor equipment. This technology however is still new and sensitive to external factors such as temperature and humidity. Also measuring results have not always been consistent.

Nevertheless, we believe this is the future. The technical developments are accelerating, making the measuring sensors more affordable and accessible for everyone. Since citizens can measure air quality in places like their balcony and garden, their data can give a more detailed picture of local situations. With this information the province can pinpoint specific locations and take direct action. It can also monitor the effects of initiatives that aim to improve air quality and provide valuable input for future policies.


Find an innovative way to collect air quality data together with citizens.


To measure the quality of air, our focus lies on measuring nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10, PM2,5, ultrafine particles (UFP) and rust (EC)).

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