Comfortable and sustainable bike lanes – Closed



Biking on tiled bike lanes is not very comfortable, yet 10% of the 600 kilometers of bike lanes in the province are tiled. There are practical reasons for choosing the tiled construction. One of the main reasons is that tiles can be easily removed to reach the pipes and cables that often lie underneath the bike lanes. The structure of the tiles also reduces the risks of gas accumulation, which sometimes happens because of leaking gas pipes. However, over time, they aren’t as smooth as other surfaces, making them less desirable to cycle on.

The challenge

We want to work with startups that have innovative and sustainable solutions or creative ideas to transform our tiled bike lanes and make them more comfortable for cyclists.


Besides enhancing the biking experience startups also need to take the following into consideration:

  • use of sustainable materials;
  • easy accessibility to the pipes and cables beneath the bike lane;
  • the texture of the material for the bike lane (its roughness);
  • no compromises regarding (road)safety;
  • total lifecycle-cost (cost of ownership) comparable with current solution.

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