Green Corridor – Closed


The province of Zuid-Holland has partnered with Heineken, Nedcargo and many others to realise a climate neutral transport lane. This so-called Green Corridor runs from Heineken’s brewery in Zoeterwoude to the port of Rotterdam. Each partner in the Green Corridor network is responsible for carrying out several projects, all of which contribute to the network’s overarching goal: redesigning the entire chain of logistics of Heineken’s brewery in such a way that it leaves little to no environmental footprint. Through this initiative, the province hopes to set an example for similar logistics corridors in the Netherlands and abroad.

The challenge

The province of Zuid-Holland is currently setting up green sustainable projects in and around the Gouwe, a 17 kilometer long narrow canal that is part of the Green Corridor. The goals of these projects are as follows:

  • increase biodiversity
  • generate sustainable energy
  • reduce CO2 emissions

Does your startup have a concept or technology to help realise these goals? Apply now and we might put your solution to the test alongside the Gouwe.


  • Measurable impact on environmental footprint
  • Comparable ‘total cost of ownership’ of the solution
  • Scalability and non-case sensitivity of the solution. Solutions that have the potential to scale up to other waterways or roads in the province are preferred.

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