Inspection of waterways – Closed


The province Zuid-Holland is changing the maintenance strategy of its waterways: it’s moving from a periodical system to a condition-dependent system. This means that rather than servicing a waterway every 10 years or so, regardless of its state and condition, the province wants to move to a system where it can efficiently monitor the condition of its waterways, so that maintenance is required only when there is an actual need.

The challenge

Help us efficiently monitor and inspect the state of our waterways and its shorelines! We are open to technologies such as satellite imagery, aquarama’s and/or drones, but we also welcome you to introduce us to these (or combined) other methods. Promising prototypes can be put to the practice on any of the 10 waterways and using the province’s inspection boats if needed.


The province is responsible for maintaining 10 waterways with a total length of 143 kilometers and 293 kilometers of shoreline. Each waterway also has numerous objects which need to be maintained. The main objective of the province is safe and quick access to waterways for both economic and recreational purposes. However, this has become increasingly difficult due to the complex regulations that waterways have to comply with. As a result, traditional strategies of managing waterways have to become more sustainable, creative, efficient and faster. We believe that this can be realized through innovative technology and new methods.

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