New life for empty monuments – Closed


Zuid-Holland is home to an incredible number of monumental buildings. The provincie actively works to maintain and restore many of these cultural heritage sites. Unfortunately, 673 buildings, or 15% of all heritage sites in Zuid-Holland, are in a state of disrepair or in desperate need of restoration. Restoring them all would require a total of €117,2 million in restoration costs. We challenge you to come up with innovative concepts for these empty cultural heritage sites.

The challenge

Develop an innovative concept for our empty cultural heritage sites.


Many of the empty monuments are non-residential buildings that have lost their original purpose such as factories, farms and churches. Redevelopment offers these buildings a new future. It does not only increase the economic value of the building itself, but it also benefits the quality and identity of the area it is located in.

Redeveloping heritage sites poses a few unique challenges. Questions that we typically need to answer are:

  • Which buildings are suitable for redevelopment?
  • What new purpose can they accommodate?
  • Is this option for redevelopment economically viable?
  • Does this option for redevelopment meet all the quality norms?

By participating in the Startup in Residence programme, we hope to find out-of-the-box solutions to the questions above, which we can then carry out in an accelerated fashion.


  • Concrete solutions for specific locations can be realized as a pilot project.
  • We also offer the possibility of using an empty heritage site as a working space.

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