Road maintenance – Closed


The maintenance of roads is complex. Every 30 to 40 years roads have to be replaced and each year the province decides which part of its 500 kilometer road network is due for repair or replacement. The different phases of inspection are labour intensive and time consuming. We would benefit greatly from new technical applications that improve and accelerate the visual inspections of our roads. We see lots of relevant developments in the digital world and we are willing to experiment, but we have not yet found a solution that fits our needs.

The challenge

How can we use data technology to improve the maintenance of our road network? Find a solution that will achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • Provide information on the road deformation and subsidence;
  • Provide information on the intensity and weight of the traffic using the roads;
  • Provide information on the structure of the surfacing, construction thicknesses, type of material and the presence of underground obstacles (cables and pipes, also other unexpected objects).


  • Information must be properly secured
  • Information must be integrated or coupled with our current management system
  • Concepts must be compatible with the CROW road management system

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