Turning waste into products – Closed



The transition to a circular economy is one of the province of Zuid-Holland’s priorities. A circular economy produces as little waste as possible, and re-uses products and commodities as often as possible. The province is currently designing a ‘road-map’ for a circular bio-economy including coordinated measures to stimulate industry and business activity. As an organisation we would like to set a good example with our own waste flows.

At the moment, the province of Zuid-Holland collects a great deal of waste. If we consider the waste as a raw material, it should be processed into new products. For example, several startups and businesses in The Hague are currently growing oyster mushrooms on old coffee dregs, making belts from old bicycle tires and making new candles from old candle wax. However, most waste products from the province are transported to facilities outside the city of Den Haag and disappear into the waste incinerators.


Make a business case to turn a specific flow of business waste of the province into marketable products.

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