What will the bus stop of the future look like? – Closed


As the public transport authority, the Province of Zuid-Holland has the responsibility of managing more than 3000 bus stops. While today’s bus stops fulfill all necessary requirements such as (wheelchair- and visual) accessibility, we envision a richer bus stop experience. We encourage you to rethink and redesign the traditional bus stop and look beyond its immediate form and function.

The challenge

Design and develop a futuristic bus stop concept.


We would like to see concepts that include (but are not limited to):

  • Enhancing the ‘travel experience’ of passengers;
  • Integrating up-to-date route information into bus stops;
  • Increasing sustainability of bus stops;
  • Developing new features and functions for bus stops;
  • Increases focus on ‘chain mobility’.
  • Solution-independency from concession holders

Realistic concepts that cover several or all of the above mentioned criteria or add some we did not think of yet have our preference. Promising concepts or prototypes can be tested at one of our actual bus stops.

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