Applications for Startup in Residence Sustainability are open

We invite startups, scale-ups and social enterprises to collaborate with the City of Amsterdam towards solving 18 sustainability challenges. The challenges cover a variety of topics including waste recycling, new energy sources, sustainable sports city, climate-proof city, etc. Add to that, we as a municipality, would like to become more innovative and sustainable. Startups also get the chance to sign up for the wildcard challenge.





























What’s in it for you?
The City of Amsterdam can significantly benefit the prospects of a startup, scale-up, innovative SMB or social enterprise, by investing and/or becoming a launching customer or partner. In 6 months you get the chance to test your product or service in the city and use the entire municipal network. We bring together a network of committed entrepreneurs, mentors, civil servants and partners which benefits both the City of Amsterdam and you. Not to mention the experience in doing this as it is our fifth time that the City of Amsterdam is organising a Startup in Residence programme.

Over the years we have worked together with more than 30 startups and we have expanded to 19 other governmental institutions (including the Province of Noord-Holland, Province of Zuid-Holland , Ministry of Justice and Security, Ministry of Defense). Come join our network!

If you have any questions, please let us know. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications from February 5th until March 24th 2019!

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