Interview alumni Startup RecyQ

Hi Richard, can you tell me about your startup?

My name is Richard Severin and I am a founder of RecyQ.

What is the problem your solving? What is your solution? 

Solving the problem of zero waste separation for CO2 reduction. Our solution is a mobile platform around on circular economy interventions for community engagement.

How did you find Startup in Residence?

Via our Pop-up store Community Recycling Initiative in Gein, Amsterdam Southeast.

What was the most important reason you signed up for the programme?

Opportunity for piloting our solution, meet new people, learn the startup ropes and save the world starting in Amsterdam.

What was the most valuable you’ve learned in the programme?

So many things, but legal, IP and finance are key. There should be an upside to your solution, can’t pay bills with idealism unless you are Facebook if you are saving CO2 sell it.

Why would you recommend the programme to others? 

Unique chance to be part of a vibrant startup community, best in class platform to challenge your solution and win the gemeente Amsterdam as a launching customer.

In 5 years my company will be …….






Find out more about RecyQ here