Interview App4Talent

Hi Jeftha, can you tell me about your startup?

My name is Jeftha Hempel, founder of App4Talent

What challenge would you like to solve? What is your solution? 

At the moment, the practical assignments and practical experience of students and employees are insufficiently stored and made visible to others. When this is the case, this happens in an often not practical way. In addition, assignments and experiences can not, or hardly, be provided with direct feedback. The result is that as a teacher/supervisor you have insufficient insight into the development of your students and/or employees. App4Talent ensures that practical assignments and experiences can be collected in a practical and user-friendly way and made visible to others. This way, students/employees can build their portfolio with the skills they possess. Teachers and supervisors can give remote feedback and monitor where the student/employee is in his development.

How did you find Startup in Residence?

I did see an article on LinkedIn

What was the most important reason you signed up for the programme?

The network, mentors, experts and a chance to have a customer.

What was the most valuable lesson during this programme?

The awareness that I need to remember the core reason why I started App4Talent, the knowledge of the phase in which I am with the company and what I need to able to grow.

Why would you recommend the programme to others?

It is a very valuable program. The training sessions, contacts with your mentor and the conversations with other startups provide a lot of valuable information. You also grow your network with this programme.

In 5 years my company will be …….

Then hopefully my company has grown to a company with a team of developers and employees who can take the company to a higher level. And with enough financial resources to develop even more beautiful applications aimed at Lifelong learning.

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