Interview alumni Startup DISRUBT

Hi Marga, what is the problem your solving? What is your solution?

 At DISRUBT, we extend the life of old bike tyres and inner tubes by collecting and turning them into top quality

and extremely practical bicycle crates and bags.  We aim to do this on a national scale bringing together science, supply chain and potential consumers.

Currently, old bike tyres and inner tubes are thrown away into standard household waste and burned. We “disrubt” the standard waste disposal method with a sustainable alternative by setting up a national collection system for the inner tubes. So we make sure that no inner tube goes to waste.

Using existing logistics networks, we include every bike shop and supplier countrywide. Our plan is to complete a sustainable logistics network across the Netherlands by the end of 2019.

 Through our research, rubber can be completely recycled and used again and again. We want to be the “disrubters” in this change. In partnership with our friends at the University of Groningen (RUG),  this scientific breakthrough is becoming a consumers reality.

 Our design concept is based on both the quality and the practicalities of parking your bike. The result is an urban looking, fully flexible DISRUBT bicycle crate/bag made from old bicycle innertubes. The impact is a recycled and circular product that impacts not only the cycling environment but more importantly our global environment.

 How did you find Startup in Residence?

 A friend of mine new about my original idea of braiding the inner-tubes into a flexible bicycle crate. He thought that the Startup in Residence program could help me professionalize my idea.

 What was the most important reason you signed up for the programme?

 The most important reason to sign up for the program was the training programme itself. The courses about legal, marketing and product development were very helpful.

Also, I learned that having a mentor really helped speed up my business process with the added benefit of having someone to brainstorm and spar with.

What was the most valuable thing you’ve learned in the programme?

Bringing an idea and product to life takes a lot of time, commitment and patience. It is a very interesting and challenging process.  Also, the program helped me to realise that my idea of using old inner-tubes to make a practical circular product was, in fact, a good one. The program supported me and that gave me the confidence and energy to push my idea to a reality.

Why would you recommend the programme to others?

 Absolutely, especially when you are on your own. If you can commit to the program it will bring you inspiration, a critical voice, support and practical lessons.

 In 5 years…

My company will be a nationally known company that extends the life of old bike inner tubes by collecting and turning them into top quality and practical bicycle products.  DISRUBT will make sure that in 5 years no inner tube goes to waste and, of course, that every bicycle has a flexible DISRUBT crate or bag on it :-).


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