Interview alumni startup Wasted







Hi Sietse, can you tell me about your startup?

Yes, my name is Sietse Gronheid I’m the project manager of WASTED.

What problem your solving and what is your solution?

The city of Amsterdam has one of the lowest recycling rates in the Netherlands. With WASTED we’ve developed a system to reward people for their separated waste and give value to the act of recycling. Through WASTED you can earn coins for your household waste, which can be used for discounts at more than 40 local stores. Who doesn’t want to save up for a free beer or cinema ticket!?

How did you find out about the programme and what was the main reason you signed up for the programme?

One of our contacts at the municipality informed us about it and advised us to sign-up for it. Not a bad tip at all in hindsight. The possibility to secure a long-term partnership with the municipality was for us the biggest motivation to join the programme.

What was the most valuable you’ve learned in the programme?

Through SIRA we’ve launched a new pilot, which was very important in the first place. But I think the different workshops, the feedback from our mentor and sessions with the client gave us the opportunity to professionalize and look at the bigger picture. That’s something very valuable in the long-run.

Why would you recommend the programme to others?  

If you’re a start-up which operates in the public domain it’s definitely recommendable. Through SIRA we’ve learned to speak the same language as the municipality.

What will your company look like in five years?

… a digital system which triggered a global recycle revolution. (It’s healthy to dream :))



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